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Spell French Name Lvl School Casting Time Concentration Ritual Description Source
Acid SplashAspersion d'acide0conjuration1 action1 or 2 creatures within 5 feet must succeed on a Dex. save or take 1d6 acid damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
AlarmAlarme1abjuration1 minuteRitualAlert the caster or activate an alarm if a Tiny or larger creature enters a warded 20-ft cube.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Alter SelfModification d'apparence2transmutation1 actionConcentrationGive a new form depending on the chosen option (Aquatic Adaptation, Change Appearance, or Natural Weapons).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Animate DeadAnimation des morts3necromancy1 minuteCreate a skeleton from bones or a zombie from a corpse, who is under the caster control (+2 creatures/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Animate ObjectsAnimation d'objets5transmutation1 actionConcentrationAnimate up to 10 non-magic objects and control their actions up to 500 ft (+2 items/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Antimagic FieldChamp antimagie8abjuration1 actionConcentrationCreate a 10-ft-radius sphere in which spells and magic items no longer work.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Antipathy/SympathyRépulsion/attirance8enchantment1 hourAttract or repel (Wis. save in order to not be attracted or scared) a kind of creature designated within 60 ft.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Arcane EyeOeil magique4divination1 actionConcentrationCreate an invisible eye with darkvision that sends the caster the mental image of what it sees.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Arcane GatePortail magique6conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreate 2 portals (max 500 ft between them) and allow teleport from one to the other.Player´s Handbook
Arcane LockVerrou magique2abjuration1 actionLock an objet (door, window, chest, etc) and the caster can set a password to suppresses the spell for 1 minute.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Astral ProjectionProjection astrale9necromancy1 hourThe caster and up to 8 creatures are projected into the Astral Plane.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
BanishmentBannissement4abjuration1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Cha. save or be banished to a harmless demiplane (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Bestow curseMalédiction3necromancy1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or suffer an effect as a disadvantage to a check or lose an action (duration/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Bigby's HandMain de Bigby5evocation1 actionConcentrationCreate a Large hand with a Strength of 26 that can strike (4d8 force damage), push, grapple, or protect (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Blade WardProtection contre les armes0abjuration1 actionThe caster gets resistance against bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage dealt by weapon attacks.Player´s Handbook (Online Supplement)
BlightFlétrissement4necromancy1 actionThe target must succeed on a Con. save or take 8d8 necrotic damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Blindness/DeafnessCécité/Surdité2necromancy1 actionThe target must succeed on a Con. save or become blinded or deafened (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
BlinkClignotement3transmutation1 actionThe caster has 50% of chance to switch to the Ethereal Plane, then returns to the space he vanished from on the next turn.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
BlurFlou2illusion1 actionConcentrationThe caster's body becomes blurred and creatures that attack him have disadvantage on attack rolls against him.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Burning HandsMains brûlantes1evocation1 actionCreatures in a 15-ft cone must succeed on a Dex. save or take 3d6 fire damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Chain LightningChaîne d'éclairs6evocation1 actionUp to 4 different targets must succeed on a Dex. save or take 10d8 lightning damage (+1 target/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Charm PersonCharme-personne1enchantment1 actionThe humanoid target must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed by the caster (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Chill TouchContact glacial0necromancy1 actionIf the spell attack hits, deals 1d8 necrotic damage (damage/lvl) and the target can't regain hp immediately.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Chromatic OrbOrbe chromatique1evocation1 actionIf the spell attack hits, deals 3d8 damage of a previously determined type (damage/lvl)Player´s Handbook (Online Supplement)
Circle of DeathCercle de mort6necromancy1 actionCreatures in a 60-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Con. save or take 8d6 necrotic damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ClairvoyanceClairvoyance3divination10 minutesConcentrationCreate an invisible sensor in a familiar location within 1 mile, allowing to see or to hear (to choose, can switch).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
CloneClone8necromancy1 hourCreate in 120 days the inert double of a living creature. If the original creature dies, its soul is transferred to the clone.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Cloud of DaggersNuée de dagues2conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 5-ft cube take automatically 4d4 slashing damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (Online Supplement)
CloudkillNuage mortel5conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 20-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Con. save or take 5d8 poison damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Color SprayCouleurs dansantes1illusion1 action6d10 creatures hp are dazzled in ascending order of their current hp (+2d10 hp/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Comprehend LanguagesCompréhension des langues1divination1 actionRitualThe caster understands any spoken and written (1 min/page) language. Doesn't decode secret messages.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Cone of ColdCône de froid5evocation1 actionCreatures in a 60-ft cone must succeed on a Con. save or take 8d8 cold damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ConfusionConfusion4enchantment1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 10-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Wis. save or can't take actions normally (+ 5-ft-radius/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Conjure ElementalInvocation d'élémentaire5conjuration1 minuteConcentrationSummon 1 elemental of CR 5, friendly (CR +1/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Conjure Minor ElementalsInvocation d'élémentaires mineurs4conjuration1 minuteConcentrationSummon from 1 elemental of CR 2 to 8 elemental of CR 1/4, friendly (nbr of creatures/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Contact Other PlaneContact avec un autre plan5divination1 minuteRitualContact an extraplanar entity to ask it 5 questions if an Int. save is successful. Otherwise, 6d6 psychic damage.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ContingencyPrévoyance6evocation10 minutesCondition the activation of a 5th level spell or lower that can target the caster.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Continual FlameFlamme éternelle2evocation1 actionCreate a flame that produces a light equivalent in brightness to a torch, but does not emit any heat.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Control WaterContrôle de l'eau4transmutation1 actionConcentrationControl the water in a 100-ft cube (cause a flood, part the water, redirect the flow, create a whirlpool).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Control WeatherContrôle du climat8transmutation10 minutesConcentrationModify gradually the climatic conditions outdoors (precipitation, temperature and wind force).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
CounterspellContresort3abjuration1 reactionIn reaction, fail a spell of 3rd level or lower. Ability check if the spell is 4th level or higher (threshold/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Create UndeadCréation de mort-vivant6necromancy1 minuteUp to 3 Medium or Small humanoids corpses become a ghoul who obey the caster for 24 h (nbr and type of creatures/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
CreationCréation5illusion1 minuteCreate a non-living object made of vegetable matter or mineral and no larger than a 5-ft cube (+5 ft/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Crown of MadnessCouronne du dément2enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed. It then can attack a target designated by the caster.Player´s Handbook
Dancing LightsLumières dansantes0evocation1 actionConcentrationCreate up to 4 torch-sized lights that shed dim light in a 10-ft radius and can be moved later up to 60 ft.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
DarknessTénèbres2evocation1 actionConcentrationFill a 15-ft-radius sphere of magical darkness.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
DarkvisionVision dans le noir2transmutation1 actionThe target can see in the dark within 60 feet.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Delayed Blast FireballBoule de feu à retardement7evocation1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 20-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Dex. save or take 12d6 fire damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
DemiplaneDemi-plan8conjuration1 actionCreate a door that leads to a demiplane (30-ft cube). Creatures still in the demiplane at the end of the spell are trapped.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Detect MagicDétection de la magie1divination1 actionConcentrationRitualThe caster senses the presence of magic in a 30-ft radius and learns its school of magic.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Detect ThoughtsDétection des pensées2divination1 actionConcentrationThe caster detects the superficial thoughts of a creature within 30 ft, and the deepest if the target misses a Wis. save.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Dimension DoorPorte dimensionnelle4conjuration1 actionThe caster and another creature of the same size are teleported to a maximum of 500 feet.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Disguise SelfDéguisement1illusion1 actionModify the appearance of the caster (its physical and its equipment) thanks to an illusion.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
DisintegrateDésintégration6transmutation1 actionThe target must succeed on a Dex. save or take 10d6+40 force damage (damage/lvl). An Large or smaller object is disintegrated.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Dispel MagicDissipation de la magie3abjuration1 actionEnd spells of 3rd level 3 or lower on a target. Ability check for each spell of 4th level or higher (threshold/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Dominate MonsterDomination de monstre8enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and obey the caster (duration/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Dominate PersonDomination d'humanoïde5enchantment1 actionConcentrationOne humanoid must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and obey the caster (duration/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Drawmij's Instant SummonsConvocations instantanées de Drawmij6conjuration1 minuteRitualMark a 10 pounds or less object and allow to teleport it into the caster hand, wherever it is, if not held.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
DreamRêve5illusion1 minuteShape the dreams of a sleeping creature who can take 3d6 psychic damage if it fails on a Wis. save.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Enlarge/ReduceAgrandissement/Rapetissement2transmutation1 actionConcentrationDouble or halve the size of a creature (Con. save) or an object.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
EtherealnessForme éthérée7transmutation1 actionThe caster is projected into the Ethereal Plane (nbr of creatures/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Evard's Black TentaclesTentacules noirs d'Evard4conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 20-ft square must succeed on a Dex. save or take 3d6 bludgeoning damage and be restrained.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Expeditious RetreatRepli expéditif1transmutation1 bonus actionConcentrationThe caster can take the Dash action by using a bonus action.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
EyebiteMauvais oeil6necromancy1 actionConcentrationThe target in a 60-ft radius must succeed on a Wis. save or take on a the following effects: asleep, panicked or sickened.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
FabricateFabrication4transmutation10 minutesConvert raw materials into Large or smaller simples objects of the same material.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
False LifeSimulacre de vie1necromancy1 actionThe caster gains 1d4+4 temporary hit points (+5 hp/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
FearPeur3illusion1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 30-ft cone must succeed on a Wis. save or drop whatever they are holding, become frightened and move away.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Feather FallFeuille morte1transmutation1 reactionUp to 5 creatures fall at 60 feet per round and take no falling damage before the spell ends.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
FeeblemindEsprit faible8enchantment1 actionThe target take 4d6 psychic damage and must succeed on an Int. save or his Charisma and Intelligence scores become 1.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Feign DeathMort simulée3necromancy1 actionRitualThe willing target appears dead to all outward inspection.Player´s Handbook
Find FamiliarAppel de familier1conjuration1 hourRitualSummon a small animal that obeys the caster and telepathically shares his senses with him.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Finger of DeathDoigt de mort7necromancy1 actionThe target must succeed on a Con. save or take 7d8+30 necrotic damage. If killed, becomes a zombie under the caster command.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Fire BoltTrait de feu0evocation1 actionIf the spell attack hits, deals 1d10 fire damage (damage/lvl). An object can ignite.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Fire ShieldBouclier de feu4evocation1 actionThe caster gains resistance to cold or fire damage, and deals 2d8 damage to attackers who hit him within 5 ft.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
FireballBoule de feu3evocation1 actionCreatures in a 20-ft radius must succeed on a Dex. save or take 8d6 fire damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Flaming SphereSphère de feu2conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreatures within 5 ft from a 5-ft-diameter sphere must succeed on a Dex. save or take 2d6 fire damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Flesh to StonePétrification6transmutation1 actionConcentrationThe target within 60 ft must succeed on a Con. save or be restrained, or petrified after 3 failures.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
FlyVol3transmutation1 actionConcentrationThe target gets a flying speed of 60 ft (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Fog CloudNappe de brouillard1conjuration1 actionConcentrationMakes an area heavily obscured in a 20-ft-radius sphere (+20 ft/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ForcecageCage de force7evocation1 actionCreates a 20-ft cage or a 10-ft box of magical force that traps a creature. Escape by magicial means only.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ForesightPrémonition9divination1 minute1 creature sees its near future, can not be surprised and has advantage on his rolls. Attacks against it have disadvantage.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
FriendsAmis0enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe casters gets advantage on all Charisma checks directed at one chosen creature that isn't hostile toward him.Player´s Handbook (Online Supplement)
Gaseous FormForme gazeuse3transmutation1 actionConcentrationThe target turns into a cloud, gets a flying speed of 10 ft, and can pass through small holes.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
GatePortail9conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreate a portal to another plan. Also allows to summon a creature from another plane.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
GeasMission5enchantment1 minuteThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and take 5d10 psychic if it doesn't obey (duration/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Gentle ReposePréservation des morts2necromancy1 actionRitualProtect a corpse from decay or to become undead.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Globe of InvulnerabilityGlobe d'invulnérabilité6abjuration1 actionConcentrationBlock 5th level spells or lower within a 10-ft radius (threshold/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Glyph of WardingGlyphe de protection3abjuration1 hourA glyph on an object deals 5d8 damage in a 20-ft radius (damage/lvl) or casts a 3rd level spell (lvl/lvl) when triggered.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
GreaseGraisse1conjuration1 actionCreatures in a 10-ft square (difficult terrain) must succeed on a Dex. save or fall prone.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Greater InvisibilityInvisibilité supérieure4illusion1 actionConcentrationThe target becomes invisible for 1 minute.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Guards and WardsProtections et sceaux6abjuration10 minutesCreate a ward that protect a 50-ft square. Can set a password to immunize individuals.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Gust of WindBourrasque2evocation1 actionConcentrationCreatures on a 60-ft-long, 10-ft-wide line mus succeed on a Str. save or be pushed 15 ft away.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Hallucinatory TerrainTerrain hallucinatoire4illusion10 minutesMake a natural terrain looks like another type (for example a road becomes a swamp or a crevasse).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
HasteRapidité3transmutation1 actionConcentrationTarget's speed is doubled. It also gains a +2 bonus to AC, advantage to Dex. saves and 1 additional action.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Hold MonsterImmobilisation de monstre5enchantment1 actionConcentrationTarget must succeed on a Wis. save or be paralyzed (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Hold PersonImmobilisation de personne2enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or be paralyzed (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Hypnotic PatternMotif hypnotique3illusion1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 30-ft cube must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and incapacitated, with a speed of 0.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Ice StormTempête de grêle4evocation1 actionCreatures in a 20-ft-radius, 40-ft-high cylinder must succeed on a Dex. save or take 2d8 bludgeoning damage and 4d6 cold damage.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
IdentifyIdentification1divination1 minuteRitualThe caster obtains properties of a magic item (attunement, charges) or knows if an item or a creature is affected by a spell.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Illusory ScriptTexte illusoire1illusion1 minuteRitualWrite a secret message that can only be read by a designated target or a creature with truesight.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ImprisonmentEmprisonnement9abjuration1 minuteThe target within 30 ft must succeed on a Wis. save or be held prisoner. The form is to choose from 6 options.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Incendiary CloudNuage incendiaire8conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 20-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Dex. save or take 10d8 fire damage.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
InvisibilityInvisibilité2illusion1 actionConcentrationThe target becomes invisible during 1 hour or until she attacks or casts a spell (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
JumpSaut1transmutation1 actionThe target gets a jump distance multiplicated by 3.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
KnockDéblocage2transmutation1 actionUnlock or unbar 1 object (door, chest, padlock, set of manacles, etc) or suppressed the arcane lock spell for 10 minutes.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Legend LoreLégende5divination10 minutesThe caster obtains information about a person, place, or object. The lore consist of tales or stories.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Leomund's Secret ChestCoffre secret de Léomund4conjuration1 actionHide a chest (3 x 2 x 2 ft) and its contents in the Ethereal Plane.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Leomund's Tiny HutPetite hutte de Léomund3evocation1 minuteRitualCreate a 10-ft-radius dome that can shelter and protect 9 Medium creatures with the caster.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
LevitateLévitation2transmutation1 actionConcentration1 creature or object that weighs up to 500 pounds rises vertically up to 20 ft then remains suspended.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
LightLumière0evocation1 actionMake an object to shed bright light in a 20-ft radius and dim light in an additional 20-ft radius.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Lightning BoltÉclair3evocation1 actionCreatures on a 100-ft-long, 5-ft-wide line must succeed on a Dex. save or take 8d6 lightning damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Locate CreatureLocalisation de créature4divination1 actionConcentrationThe caster senses the direction in which a familiar creature is within a 1000-ft radius.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Locate ObjectLocalisation d'objet2divination1 actionConcentrationThe caster senses the direction to the location of an objet you are familiar with, within a 1000 ft radius.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
LongstriderGrande foulée1transmutation1 actionThe target gets a speed increased by 10 ft (+1 creature/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mage ArmorArmure de mage1abjuration1 actionThe target, willing and not wearing armor, gets an AC equal to 13+Dex.Mod.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mage HandMain de mage0conjuration1 actionCreate a spectral hand that can in a 30-ft radius manipulate an object, open a door, stow an item, etc.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Magic CircleCercle magique3abjuration1 minuteCreate a 10-ft-radius, 20-ft-tall cylinder that protect from celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and/or undead (+1 h/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Magic JarUrne magique6necromancy1 minuteThe caster projects his soul into an urn and then returns to his body or possesses a humanoid body.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Magic MissileProjectile magique1evocation1 action3 missiles deal automatically 1d4+1 force damage each to one or several creatures (+1 missile/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Magic MouthBouche magique2illusion1 minuteRitualCreates a magical mouth that will repeat a message of up to 25 words when a trigger condition is met.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Magic WeaponArme magique2transmutation1 bonus actionConcentrationTurn a weapon into a +1 magic weapon for attack rolls and damage rolls (+2 or +3 bonus/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Major ImageImage accomplie3illusion1 actionConcentrationCreate the image of an animated object or creature, with sounds and smells (without concentration/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mass SuggestionSuggestion de groupe6enchantment1 actionUp to 12 targets must succeed on a Wis. save or follow the suggestion given by the caster (duration/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
MazeLabyrinthe8conjuration1 actionConcentrationBanish a creature into a labyrinthine demiplane. Intelligence check to escape before the end of the spell.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Melf's Acid ArrowFlèche acide de Melf2evocation1 actionIf the spell attack hits, deals 4d4 acid damage, then 2d4 acid damage on the next round (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
MendingRéparation0transmutation1 minuteRepair break or tear in an object (broken chain link, two halves of a broken key, torn cloak, leaking wineskin, etc).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
MessageMessage0transmutation1 actionThe caster whispers a message to a creature within 120 ft who will be the only one to hear it. It can reply the same way.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Meteor SwarmNuée de météores9evocation1 actionCreatures in a 40-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Dex. save or take 20d6 fire damage and 20d6 bludgeoning damage.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mind BlankEsprit impénétrable8abjuration1 actionThe target is immune to psychic damage, reading thoughts, divination spells, and the charmed condition.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Minor IllusionIllusion mineure0illusion1 actionCreate a sound or an immobile image of an object no larger than a 5-ft cube.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mirage ArcaneMirage7illusion10 minutesTansform the appearance (sight, sound, smell and feel) of a 1 mile square.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mirror ImageImage miroir2illusion1 actionCreate 3 illusory duplicates of the caster, each of them having a CA equal to 10 + Dex.Mod and being destroyed if they are hit.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
MisleadDouble illusoire5illusion1 actionConcentrationThe caster becomes invisible and creates a double that moves, acts and speaks. The caster can see and hear through this double.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Misty StepFoulée brumeuse2conjuration1 bonus actionThe caster is teleported up to 30 feet.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Modify MemoryModification de mémoire5enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or be charmed and its memory altered (seniority of memories/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mordenkainen's Faithful HoundChien de garde de Mordenkainen4conjuration1 actionSummon an invisible watchdog that barks when a creature approachs and attacks it (4d8 piercing damage).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mordenkainen's Magnificent MansionManoir somptueux de Mordenkainen7conjuration1 minuteCreate an extradimensional mansion with all the comforts that can shelter the caster and other creatures.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mordenkainen's Private SanctumSanctuaire privé de Mordenkainen4abjuration10 minutesCreate a secure cube up to 100 ft on each side. The type of protection is to choose (+100 ft on each side/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Mordenkainen's SwordÉpée de Mordenkainen7evocation1 actionConcentrationIf the spell attack hits, deals 3d10 force damage. The sword can move.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Move EarthTerraformage6transmutation1 actionConcentrationShape dirt, sand, or clay, but not stone (raise, lower, flatten, create a trench, etc) in a 40-ft square in 10 min.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
NondetectionNon-détection3abjuration1 actionProtect a creature or an object from any divination magic or magical scrying.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Nystul's Magic AuraAura magique de Nystul2illusion1 actionReveal false information about a creature or an object that would be the target of a divination spell.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Otiluke's Freezing SphereSphère glaciale d'Otiluke6evocation1 actionCreatures in a 60-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Con. save or take 10d6 cold damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Otiluke's Resilient SphereSphère résiliente d'Otiluke4evocation1 actionConcentrationThe Large size or smaller target must succeedd on a Dex. save or be enclosed for the spell duration.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Otto's Irresistible DanceDanse irrésistible d'Otto6enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or dance (disadvantage on Dex. save and attack rolls).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
PasswallPasse-muraille5transmutation1 actionOpen a 5-ft wide, 8-ft tall, 20-ft deep passage through stone, wood or plaster.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Phantasmal ForceForce fantasmagorique2illusion1 actionConcentrationTha target must succeed on an Int. save or perceive as real an object or creature created by the caster (with sound).Player´s Handbook (Online Supplement)
Phantasmal KillerAssassin imaginaire4illusion1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or be frightened then take 4d10 psychic damage (damage/lvl) on each of it's turn.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Phantom SteedMonture fantôme3illusion1 minuteRitualCreate a quasi-real Large horselike creature and everything to mount it.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Planar BindingContrat5abjuration1 hourThe target (celestial, elemental, fey, or fiend) must succeed on a Cha. save or serve the caster (duration/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Plane ShiftChangement de plan7conjuration1 actionThe caster and up to 8 creatures are transported to another plane of existence, or a creature is banished (Cha. save).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Poison SprayVaporisation de poison0conjuration1 actionThe target must succeed on a Con. save or take 1d12 poison damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
PolymorphMétamorphose4transmutation1 actionConcentrationTransform a target into a new beast form whose CR/level is equal to or less than the target's CR/level.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Power Word KillMot de pouvoir mortel9enchantment1 actionThe target (100 hp or fewer) dies!Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Power Word StunMot de pouvoir étourdissant8enchantment1 actionThe target (150 hp or fewer) is stunned until it succeeds on a Con. save.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
PrestidigitationPrestidigitation0transmutation1 actionMinor magical trick (sensory effect, light a torch, clean an object, warm, make a symbol appear, create a trinket, etc).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Prismatic SprayRayons prismatiques7evocation1 actionCreatures in a 60-ft cone must succeed on a Dex. save or take 10d6 damage of a randomly determined type.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Prismatic WallMur prismatique9abjuration1 actionCreate a multi-layered wall that inflicts different effects and damage depending on the layer.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Programmed IllusionIllusion programmée6illusion1 actionCreate the image of an animated object or creature, with sounds, for 5 min, with a triggering condition.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Project ImageProjection d'image7illusion1 actionConcentrationCreate a copy of the caster that mimics him, moves and emits sounds. The caster can see and hear through this double.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Protection from EnergyProtection contre une énergie3abjuration1 actionConcentrationThe target gains resistance to one damage type (acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Protection from Evil and GoodProtection contre le mal et le bien1abjuration1 actionConcentrationThe target is protected (disadvantage on attack rolls) against aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Rary's Telepathic BondLien télépathique de Rary5divination1 actionRitualCreate a telepathic link between up to 8 people in a 30-ft radius for 1 hour.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Ray of EnfeeblementRayon affaiblissant2necromancy1 actionConcentrationIf the spell attack hits, the target deals only half damage with a weapon attack that use Strength (Con. save).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Ray of FrostRayon de givre0evocation1 actionIf the spell attack hits, deals 1d8 cold damage (damage/lvl) and the target's speed is reduced by 10 ft.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Ray of SicknessRayon empoisonné1necromancy1 actionIf the attack hits, deals 2d8 poison damage (damage/lvl) and the target can be poisoned (Con. save).Player´s Handbook
Remove CurseDélivrance des malédictions3abjuration1 actionEnd all curses affecting one creature or object.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Reverse GravityInversion de la gravité7transmutation1 actionConcentrationInvert gravity in a 50-ft-radius, 100-ft-high cylinder.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Rope TrickCorde enchantée2transmutation1 actionVertically raise a rope that lead to an extradimensional space that can hold 8 Medium creatures.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Scorching RayRayon ardent2evocation1 actionIf the spell attacks hit, 3 rays deal 2d6 fire damage each (+1 ray/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ScryingScrutation5divination10 minutesConcentrationAllow you to see and hear a specific creature (can also target a location) on the same plane (Wis. save).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
See InvisibilityVoir l'invisible2divination1 actionThe caster sees invisible creatures and objects, and into the Ethereal Plane.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SeemingApparence trompeuse5illusion1 actionChange physical appearance as well as clothing and equipment of targets (saving throw for unwilling).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SendingCommunication à distance3evocation1 actionSend a 25-words message to a creature you are familiar with, regardless of the distance or the plan. It can answer it.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SequesterDissimulation7transmutation1 actionProtect a willing creature (who becomes invisible and unconscious) or an object from divination spells.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ShapechangeChangement de forme9transmutation1 actionConcentrationThe caster takes the form of a creature he has seen at least once with a CR equal to its level or lower.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ShatterFracassement2evocation1 actionCreatures in a 10-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Con. save or take 3d8 thunder damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ShieldBouclier1abjuration1 reactionIn reaction, the caster gains a +5 bonus to AC and take no damage from the magic missile spell.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Shocking GraspPoigne électrique0evocation1 actionIf the spell attack hits, deals 1d8 lightning damage (damage/lvl) and the target can't take reactions.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Silent ImageImage silencieuse1illusion1 actionConcentrationCreate the image of an object or a creature (without sound and no larger than a 15-ft cube) and lets it move.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SimulacrumSimulacre7illusion12 hoursCreate a duplicate of a beast or humanoid with the same abilities, half of the hp and without equipment.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SleepSommeil1enchantment1 action5d8 hp of creatures fall unconscious, starting with the creature with the lowest current hp (+2d8 hp/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Sleet StormTempête de neige3conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 20-ft-radius, 20-ft-tall cylinder (heavily obscured) must succeed on a Dex. save or fall prone.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SlowLenteur3transmutation1 actionConcentrationUp to 6 targets must succeed on a Wis. save, or have their speed and actions reduced and -2 to CA and Dex. saves.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Spider ClimbPattes d'araignée2transmutation1 actionConcentrationThe target can move along vertical surfaces while leaving its hands free and gains climbing speed.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Stinking CloudNuage puant3conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 20-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Con. save or spend their action that turn retching and reeling.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Stone ShapeFaçonnage de la pierre4transmutation1 actionGive a stone no more than 5 ft in any dimension any shape, or create an opening in it.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
StoneskinPeau de pierre4abjuration1 actionConcentrationThe target gets resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SuggestionSuggestion2enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or follow the suggestion given by the caster in one or two sentences.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SunbeamRayon de soleil6evocation1 actionConcentrationCreatures on a 5-ft-wide, 60-ft-long line must succeed on a Con. save or take 6d8 radiant damage and be blinded.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SunburstÉclat du soleil8evocation1 actionCreatures in a 60-ft radius must succeed on a Con. save or take 12d6 radiant damage and be blinded for 1 min.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
SymbolSymbole7abjuration1 minuteSet the trigger and the effect of a glyph on an object (death, discord, fear, hopelessness, insanity, pain, sleep, etc).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Tasha's Hideous LaughterFou rire de Tasha1enchantment1 actionConcentrationThe target must succeed on a Wis. save or falls into fits of laughter, fall prone and becoming incapacitated.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
TelekinesisTélékinésie5transmutation1 actionConcentrationMove a creature (Huge or smaller) or object (up to 1,000 pounds) by thought in case of successful contest.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
TelepathyTélépathie8evocation1 actionComunicate via telepathy with a known and willing creature on the same plane of existence.Player´s Handbook
TeleportTéléportation7conjuration1 actionThe caster and 8 creatures are teleported anywhere on the same plane. Risk of failure depending on the destination familiarity.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Teleportation CircleCercle de téléportation5conjuration1 minuteCreate a circle that allows anyone to be teleported to another teleportation circle known to the caster.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Tenser's Floating DiskDisque flottant de Tenser1conjuration1 actionRitualCreate a floating 3-ft-diameter disk that can support up to 500 pounds and follows the caster.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
ThunderwaveOnde de choc1evocation1 actionCreatures in a 15-ft cube must succeed on a Con. save or take 2d8 thunder damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Time StopArrêt du temps9transmutation1 actionStop the time during 1d4+1 turns for everyone except for the caster.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
TonguesLangues3divination1 actionThe target understands and speaks any spoken language it hears.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
True PolymorphMétamorphose suprême9transmutation1 actionConcentrationTransform a creature or object into a new form (creature <-> object) of FP/level at most equal to the FP/level of the creaPlayer´s Handbook (SRD)
True SeeingVision suprême6divination1 actionThe target gets truesight, sees magic secret doors and in the Ethereal Plane.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
True StrikeCoup au but0divination1 actionConcentrationThe caster gains advantage on his first attack roll against a target.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Unseen ServantServiteur invisible1conjuration1 actionRitualCreate an invisible servant who performs simple tasks (bring something back, clean up, maintain a fire, serve at table, etc).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Vampiric TouchToucher du vampire3necromancy1 actionConcentrationIf the spell attack hits, deals 3d6 necrotic damage (damage/lvl) and the caster regains 50% of his hp.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Wall of FireMur de feu4evocation1 actionConcentrationCreate a 60 x 20 x 1 ft wall of fire. Creatures inside or within 10ft of one side of the wall take 5d8 fire damage (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Wall of ForceMur de force5evocation1 actionConcentrationCreate a physically insurmountable wall of force (ten 10-ft panels) immune to all types of damage.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Wall of IceMur de glace6evocation1 actionConcentrationCreate a wall of ice (ten 10-ft panels) that can be damaged and can inflict 5d6 cold damage if passed through (damage/lvl).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Wall of StoneMur de pierre5evocation1 actionConcentrationCreate a nonmagical wall of stone (ten 10-ft panels) that can be damaged.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Water BreathingRespiration aquatique3transmutation1 actionRitualUp to 10 creatures gets the ability to breathe underwater.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
WebToile d'araignée2conjuration1 actionConcentrationCreate a 20-ft cube filled by thick, sticky webs (difficult terrain) that can restrain creature (Dex. save).Player´s Handbook (SRD)
WeirdEnnemi subconscient9illusion1 actionConcentrationCreatures in a 30-ft-radius sphere must succeed on a Wis. save or be frightened and take 4d10 psychic damage each turn.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
WishSouhait9conjuration1 actionDuplicate a 8th level spell or lower without components, or create another effect at the MD discretion.Player´s Handbook (SRD)
Witch BoltÉclair de sorcière1evocation1 actionConcentrationIf the spell attack hits, deals 1d12 lightning damage (damage/lvl) on each round.Player´s Handbook (Online Supplement)

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