Online Assistant User Guide

Here are the details of the features offered by Online Assistant.

Online Assistant

For all


Avatar. It is recommended to use 100x100 pixels images (like those of the online character sheets) and the url of the image must necessarily ends with ".jpg" or ".png". The top banner indicates the participants of the group (player's name and character's name). A red frame indicates players who logged within the last 8 hours.

It is also recommended, but not mandatory, to use the online character sheets from AideDD's Character Builder. In this case, if the DM has correctly set the ID in his configuration board, clicking on your avatar automatically opens your character sheet. Do not forget that the player can indicate on his character sheet the nickname of his DM so that this one can have a reading access to it.

Clicking on any other avatar will send a private message via the chat.

Chat . Hide or show the chat on the right.


To the right of the screen, above the chat, are a few icons.

The application allows you to upload an image from your computer to our server, but it may be faster to use an image host like Pinterest to store several images in advance. Then you will only have to share the link of the images.

Notes . Open or close a new window that allows you to take notes throughout the game. Click on to save the notes on our server to retrieve them later on in case of a game spread over several sessions.

Image . Open or close a new window that allows you to share an image with all group participants. Enter the image url or upload an image from your computer to the server via , then click on .

Tags . Show or hide the name and hit points bar of all the Fight Tracker visible tokens on the battlemap.

Rules . Opens a new browser tab to the D&D 5 Rules.

Help . Display the Online Assistant user guide (this page).


The chat on the right of the screen allows you to exchange text messages and dice rolls between all participants. Please note that this chat is not intended to be the main means of communication between players. Online Assistant is only a complement to a voice or video chat.

Message. Simply type your text in the line provided for this purpose then press "Enter" to send the message to all participants.

Private Message. If you begin your message with "@" followed immediately by a player's name, only you, the recipient, and the DM will be able to see the message.

Formatted Message. Several buttons allow you to send preformatted messages on the chat, in order not to having to type too much text (Initiative Roll, Attack Roll, Damage Roll, etc).

Information Message. Several general messages may appear on the chat, such as to indicate whose turn it is to play.

Dice Roll. All D&D 5 dice rolls, including the d20 with advantage (A) or disadvantage (D), are accessible with a single click. You can of course combine private messages and dice rolls.

Dice Roll (formula). If you want to roll several dice or add a bonus/malus to a roll, you can enter a formula in the chat with an intuitive format. Begin your message with "&" and then type the formula as "NdX+B", where N is the number of dice, X is the type of dice, and B is the bonus. Examples:

  • &d10
  • &d20A
  • &2d8+4
  • &2d6+4d8+6

Dice Roll (customized formula) . Each player uses certain rolls more often than others. For example, the attack d20 of his character with the appropriate bonus, or even the damage roll of his favorite weapons. By clicking on this button and then set a dice formula, you can configure up to 5 different rolls. These formulas are saved.


Since Online Assistant is intended for D&D 5, a game where combat is important, the battlemap is particullary important and takes up most of the screen.

Zoom. A vertical bar (slider) in the top right corner of the battlemap allows you to adjust the zoom.

For the players


Pointer . Allows you to point a spot on the map to the DM and the other players. Note that the player's map is not moved, so the reported point may be out of sight for some.

Hit Points . As a player, you can manage your hit points (current and max hp) during a fight. Update your hit points then click this button. This will automatically refresh your token's hit point bar on the battlemap and on the DM's Fight Tracker.

Initiative . You can also manage your initiative (initiative value and Dexterity modifier). Once the d20 has been rolled with the appropriate bonus, update your initiative value then click on this button. This will automatically refresh the DM's Fight Tracker.


The DM can send you the representation of the scene that he has drawn on his side, on a grid plan. As a player you can move your token only, with a simple Drag & Drop.

For the DM


A checkbox allows you to define whether the DM's dice rolls, including those made from creature sheets, are private or public.

Fight Tracker

As a DM, clicking on in the top left corner opens the Fight Tracker to assist you during the fights.

Online AssistantInitiative. The "INIT" button rolls the initiative dice of all the creatures you added for the fight, taking into account the Dexterity bonus of each of them, and resets the round counter to 1.

A checkbox next to the “INIT” button allows you to indicate whether the application should automatically launch the initiative for the PCs. Otherwise, each player will roll their die and automatically share their result with the DM.

Turns . For each click on this button, the application visually indicates who must play according to the initiative. Dynamic data (init and pv) are also saved at this time. At the end of each round, the counter is refreshed automatically.

Edit PC data . By default, each player personally manages their hit points and initiative, and this automatically updates the DM's Fight Tracker. However, in some cases, the DM may wish to modify this data himself. This button allows him to access it.

ouvre dans un autre onglet la feuille de personnage en ligne de ce PJ, si son ID a bien été préalablement renseigné par le MD.

permet de changer l'avatar du PJ en fonction de sa taille.

permet de rendre invisible ou visible aux autres joueurs le pion de ce PJ sur la battlemap.

permet d'indiquer une ou des conditions pour le PJ (à terre, paralysé, etc).

permet d'indiquer si un PJ ne prend pas part au combat, afin de l'inclure ou non dans le round.

Add a creature . After clicking on this icon, enter the name of a creature in the gray box, where its type is defined. The application offers a list based on the text entered and the content of AideDD's creatures database. Its life points and Dexterity bonus for initiative are then automatically indicated. The name that will appears on the green box is the name of the token that will appear on the battlemap. You can change it as you want.

affiche automatiquement le bloc de stat de la créature (et de là, la fiche des sorts de la créature le cas échéant). Cliquer sur le symbole des dés de la fiche lance automatiquement les dés (attaque ou dégâts) avec les bonus adéquats.

permet de sélectionner l'image du pion en fonction de la taille de la créature. L'icône est en rouge si l'avatar est celui par défaut.

permet de rendre invisible ou visible aux joueurs le pion de cette créature sur la battlemap.

permet d'indiquer une ou des conditions pour la créature (à terre, paralysé, etc).

élimine la créature du Fight Tracker et de la battlemap.

Copy the last creature . When you want to add a whole group of creatures of the same type to the Fight Tracker, set the first one then click on this button. Il will copy the last creature added and automatically numbers them.

Delete all creatures . Delete all creatures from the Fight Tracker and the battlemap.

Set token on the map . Place all the Fight Tracker creatures' tokens on the battlemap, taking into account their size. This is also when the Fight Tracker creatures are saved. The DM can then move each token with a simple Drag & Drop.


Any free image editor software (like Paint in Windows or GIMP) can easily format a battlemap image for Online Assistant to have 50x50 pixel squares.

1. Crop the image so that the top left corner matches the corner of your first square.
2. Count the number of squares in your image across its width.
3. Resize the image by setting for its width in pixels the number of squares x 50.

Background image . Enter the url of an image or upload an image from your computer to the server via . Squares should be 50x50 pixels. You can display the image only for yourself while placing any masks by clicking on . Then, when you are ready, share the image by clicking on . As a DM, you have access to several simple tools to draw your map. The DM will draw in real time, as he would on a whiteboard, according to the progress of the characters. Online Assistant is indeed designed to prevent the DM from having to prepare too many things in advance and to favor the live. But if you wish, you can also upload an image (retouched and prepared in advance with GIMP for example) or use one of the battlemaps formatted on AideDD for OA (see here et here).


Decor . Sélectionne un élément de décor (objet ou PNJ sans bloc de stat qui n’apparaît pas sur le Fight Tracker).

Mask . Sélectionne un type de masque (cache noir opaque ou zones de couleur transparentes) et sa taille (1x1, 3x3 ou 5x5 cases).

Set (decor or mask) . Permet ensuite de cliquer directement sur la battlemap pour y ajouter l'élément de décor ou le masque sélectionné ci-dessus. Vous pouvez enchaîner les placements avec la touche SHIFT.

Delete (decor or mask) . Permet ensuite de cliquer directement sur un élément de décor ou un masque pour l'éliminer.

Pointer . Permet d'indiquer en live un point sur la carte aux joueurs. Notez que la carte des joueurs n'est pas déplacée, donc il se peut que le point signalé soit hors de vision pour certains joueurs.

Color and Line . Permet de choisir la couleur des motifs et le style du trait (voir ci-dessous).

Drawing. L'application permet de dessiner plusieurs motifs simples :

Line. Le premier click sur une intersection définit le point de départ (A), le deuxième le point d'arrivée (B). Si vous maintenez la touche SHIFT de votre clavier enfoncée, le prochain click sera pris comme le prochain point d'arrivée depuis le point (B).

Rectangle. Le premier click sur une intersection définit le premier coin, le deuxième le coin opposé.

Circle. Le premier click, sur une case ou une intersection, définit le centre du cercle. Le deuxième click définit le rayon du cercle (diamètre minimum de 1 case).

Freehand drawing. Dessiner à main levée, sans contrainte de la grille.

Text. Permet d'ajouter une note écrite sur le plan.

Door. Le premier click sur une intersection définit le point de départ, le deuxième le point d'arrivée. Notez que la porte peut faire plus d'une case de long. Vous pouvez enchaîner les portes avec la touche SHIFT comme pour les lignes (voir ci-dessus).

Secret Door. Identique au dessin d'une porte normale mais pour tracer le symbole d'une porte secrète (une fois que les personnages l'auront trouvée bien entendu). La largeur est fixée à une seule case.

Stairs. Le premier click sur une case définit le haut de l'escalier, le deuxième le bas de l'escalier. La longueur est fixée à deux cases.

Undo . This button deletes the last pattern drawn.

Share a drawing . Draw the map with the help of patterns, add, erase, etc. When you obtain the desired result, click on this icon to send the drawing to the battlemap of each player.


Consider that each game has 3 databases:

  • The first database contains the PCs (avatar, initiative, hit points, etc). The DM cannot delete it from OA, but he can modify the composition of his group from his configuration interface.
  • The second base contains the creatures added to the Fight Tracker. The button on the Fight Tracker allows the DM to clear this base whenever he wants.
  • The third base contains everything else, everything that is exchanged between players: messages, dice rolls, drawings, battlemaps, token movements, etc. The button at the bottom of the MD toolbar on the left allows you to delete this database.

Each DM must regularly (at the end of each fight or each session for example) delete these bases if he does not want to unnecessarily slow down the loading of the pages.