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Character Builder

Brief description of the tools available on AideDD. All are 100% online applications, so without any installation and you are sure to use the latest version.

If you have an idea about new functionality to add, do not hesitate to let me know, via the contact form or the dedicated forum. Enjoy !

Character Builder

Create a character for D&D 5 from A to Z. The program will guide you and will offer you all the choices available, from race to equipment. At the end, you will have the possibility to save your character locally in your machine in order to develop it later.

Note that only the OGL races, classes, and history are available for everyone, in LIMITED mode. Joining AideDD forum gives access to FULL mode.


Fight Tracker

This fight tracker will help you as DM to track D&D 5 fights. You can roll all current dice from d4 to d100, and manage PCs and creatures by setting their name, AC, Dex bonus, initiative score, hit points and condition, with the possibility of importing and/or exporting groups. The application also offers to manage counters and displays the stat block of each creature.

Then, the app will roll the initiative for everyone and tell you round by round who has to play his turn, while indicating the health of the creatures. A single click from a creature's card rolls the corresponding attack and damage dice. The application also offers many background music.


Encounter Builder

An encounter and treasure calculator for D&D 5. As DM, you indicate the level of your characters and define the creatures they will face. Then the app automatically calculates the XP of the encounter and tells you how difficult it is (too easy, easy, medium, hard or deadly).

The app also determines individual treasures for each creature as well as Hoard Treasure by providing the details of the coins, art objects and magic items, all depending on the adventure tier, as indicated in the DMG.


Dice Roller

Allow you to roll dice and also to calculate and compare dice probabilities.


Name Generator

Out of inspiration? Here is a generator that will offer you in one single click names for elves, halflings, dwarfs, half-orcs, dragonborns, gnomes, tieffelins or taverns. As a bonus, you will also have acces to a transcriber in order to write in elvish, dwarvish, celestial, draconic, and infernal alphabet.



Displays, filters and sorts all D&D 5 spells, creatures, magic items and feats using various options. At the end, you will have the possibility to select only certain results to generate your own PDF, according to different formats (Rules PDF, Spellbook, Bestiary, Cards, etc).


Developped by blueace