Index 5e

List, Filter, and Sort all D&D 5 races, classes and background



Index 5e

This online application will allow you to list and filter all the D&D 5e races, classes and background options published in official books. You will be also able to sort the list as you want.

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Index Category Type Notes Source
AcolyteBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Arcane archerClassfighterXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Arcane tricksterClassroguePlayer´s Handbook
AssassinClassroguePlayer´s Handbook
BarbarianClassbarbarian ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
BardClassbard ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Battle masterClassfighterPlayer´s Handbook
BeastmasterClassrangerPlayer´s Handbook
CavalierClassfighterXanathar´s Guide to Everything
ChampionClassfighterPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
CharlatanBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook
Circle of dreamsClassdruidXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Circle of the landClassdruidPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Circle of the moonClassdruidPlayer´s Handbook
Circle of the shepherdClassdruidXanathar´s Guide to Everything
ClericClasscleric ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
College of glamourClassbardXanathar´s Guide to Everything
College of loreClassbardPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
College of swordsClassbardXanathar´s Guide to Everything
College of valorClassbardPlayer´s Handbook
College of whispersClassbardXanathar´s Guide to Everything
CriminalBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook (BR)
Dark elf (drow)RaceelfPlayer´s Handbook
Divine soulClasssorcererXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Draconic bloodlineClasssorcererPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
DragonbornRacedragonborn ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
DruidClassdruid ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
DwarfRacedwarf ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Eldritch knightClassfighterPlayer´s Handbook
ElfRaceelf ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
EntertainerBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook
FighterClassfighter ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Folk heroBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook (BR)
Forest gnomeRacegnomePlayer´s Handbook
Forge domainClassclericXanathar´s Guide to Everything
GladiatorBackgroundentertainerPlayer´s Handbook
Gloom stalkerClassrangerXanathar´s Guide to Everything
GnomeRacegnome ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Grave domainClassclericXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Guild artisanBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook
Guild merchantBackgroundguild artisanPlayer´s Handbook
Half-elfRacehalf-elf ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Half-orcRacehalf-orc ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
HalflingRacehalfling ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
HermitBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook
High elfRaceelfPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Hill dwarfRacedwarfPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Horizon walkerClassrangerXanathar´s Guide to Everything
HumanRacehuman ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
HumanRacehumanVariant with 1 featPlayer´s Handbook
HunterClassrangerPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
InquisitiveClassrogueXanathar´s Guide to Everything
KnightBackgroundnoblePlayer´s Handbook
Knowledge domainClassclericPlayer´s Handbook
Life domainClassclericPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Light domainClassclericPlayer´s Handbook
LightfootRacehalflingPlayer´s Handbook
MastermindClassrogueXanathar´s Guide to Everything
MonkClassmonk ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Monster slayerClassrangerXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Mountain dwarfRacedwarfPlayer´s Handbook
Nature domainClassclericPlayer´s Handbook
NobleBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook (BR)
Oath of conquestClasspaladinXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Oath of devotionClasspaladinPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Oath of redemptionClasspaladinXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Oath of the ancientsClasspaladinPlayer´s Handbook
Oath of vengeanceClasspaladinPlayer´s Handbook
OutlanderBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook
PaladinClasspaladin ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Path of the ancestral guardianClassbarbarianXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Path of the berserkerClassbarbarianPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Path of the storm heraldClassbarbarianXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Path of the totem warriorClassbarbarianPlayer´s Handbook
Path of the zealotClassbarbarianXanathar´s Guide to Everything
PirateBackgroundsailorPlayer´s Handbook
RangerClassranger ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Rock gnomeRacegnomePlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
RogueClassrogue ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
SageBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook (BR)
SailorBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook
SamuraiClassfighterXanathar´s Guide to Everything
School of abjurationClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook
School of conjurationClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook
School of divinationClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook
School of enchantmentClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook
School of evocationClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
School of illusionClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook
School of necromancyClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook
School of transmutationClasswizardPlayer´s Handbook
ScoutClassrogueXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Shadow magicClasssorcererXanathar´s Guide to Everything
SoldierBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook (BR)
SorcererClasssorcerer ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
SpyBackgroundcriminalPlayer´s Handbook
Storm sorceryClasssorcererXanathar´s Guide to Everything
StoutRacehalflingPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
SwashbucklerClassrogueXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Tempest domainClassclericPlayer´s Handbook
The archfeyClasswarlockPlayer´s Handbook
The celestialClasswarlockXanathar´s Guide to Everything
The fiendClasswarlockPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
The great old oneClasswarlockPlayer´s Handbook
The hexbladeClasswarlockXanathar´s Guide to Everything
ThiefClassroguePlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
TieflingRacetiefling ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Trickery domainClassclericPlayer´s Handbook
UrchinBackgroundPlayer´s Handbook
War domainClassclericPlayer´s Handbook
War magicClasswizardXanathar´s Guide to Everything
WarlockClasswarlock ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Way of shadowClassmonkPlayer´s Handbook
Way of the drunken masterClassmonkXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Way of the four elementsClassmonkPlayer´s Handbook
Way of the kenseiClassmonkXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Way of the open handClassmonkPlayer´s Handbook (OGL)
Way of the sun soulClassmonkXanathar´s Guide to Everything
Wild magicClasssorcererPlayer´s Handbook
WizardClasswizard ♦Player´s Handbook (OGL)
Wood elfRaceelfPlayer´s Handbook

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