Character Builder

D&D 5 Character Creator/Generator Tool


12-Sep-2020: Add Solar Soul for monk (wished by Eifiel) and Divine Soul for sorcerer (wished by Cypher).

30-Aug-2020: Add Lizardfolk race (wished by Leif) and Grave domain for cleric (wished by Elmiore).

23-Aug-2020: Add Samurai for fighter (wished by Darkfire3131) and Changeling race (wished by monpotestnul).

15-Aug-2020: Add Ancestral Guardian for barbarian (wished by Shan).

14-Aug-2020: Add Goblin race (wished by HiversBlanc), Gloom Stalker for ranger and fix Monster Slayer's Magic.


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Import a XML file for a character that was previously generated by this application. Among other things, this will allow you to update it.


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