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22-Abr-2021: Add extra spells from the bard's Additional Magical Secrets and AC bonus from the cleric's Soul of the Forge (thanks to Gwavana).

02-Abr-2021- BIG UPDATE : New feats options, Check (many) feats Prerequisite and Add extra spells to Spellbook. Plus as bonus the College of Creation (wished by torukl) and the Circle of Wildfire (wished by Aliendile).

24-Mar-2021: Add Battle Smith for artificier and Way of Mercy for monk (wished by WonderCat), Circle of spores for druid and Swarmkeeper for ranger (wished by Lafab).

20-Mar-2021: Add Spells, Feats and Invocations from TCoE, as well as the Pact of the Talisman for warlock.


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Import a XML file for a character that was previously generated by this application. Among other things, this will allow you to update it.


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