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Outil de création/génération de personnage pour D&D 5


06-Ago-2022: Add Astral Self for monk (wished by MysteryMrMan and Sandrozzo).

05-Ago-2022: Add Custom Lineage (wished by Candide) and (wished by SupraToinou) Maneuvers from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

23-Jul-2022: Add College of Spirits for bard, and Hexblood and Reborn races (wished by Ethado2007 and Warmagus1983)

29-Jun-2022: Add Inquisitive for rogue (wished by amyzona and Sparkplugo), and Duergar and Depp Gnome races (wished by SupraToinou).

23-Jun-2022: Add Bladesinger and Scribes subclasses for wizard (wished by Lynadrian).

21-Jun-2022: Add Sea Elf, Githyanki and Githzerai races (wished by Lynadrian and Mqgister).

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